People Corrupting People

Music for People who hate music

(720) PCP-SUXX

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PCP is a 6-Piece GENRE-FLUID Booty Shakin, Joke Tellin, Mosh Pittin, Beer Drinkin, Orwellian Corporate Anit-Hero Anti-Ska band from DENVER CO

with TROMBONE, VIOLIN, KAZOO, THEREMIN, a Light Show and More STAGE PRESENCE than there is STAGE!

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Originally started by two best friends from Arizona (Nate Nepsky and Nick Cormier), People Corrupting People (PCP) was born in Denver, CO on September 11th, 2014. ska and punk are major inspirations, but they have never been fond of sticking to one genre. the ever-evolving band has incorporated horn, string and theremin players to blend sounds from all over, ranging from ska/punk through rockabilly, polka, hip hop, metal and more– People Corrupting People is truly Genre-Fluid. PCP’s recordings always manage to capture the high-energy performance brought to every one of their shows, all of their music is always available for FREE download from the band’s website:

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Keeps the anti-capitalist, anti-establishment theme alive!... if that doesn’t personify the punk rock,
DIY work ethic, we don’t know what does!
— AnarchoPunk,
Sounds like Ska on Speed and Mushrooms
— Winston Smith, Party Member
If there’s one thing I love about PCP, they are by far the most original band I’ve ever listened to …
A Skapunk Frenzy… The best part about PCP? Every release sounds just a little different from the last…
PCP is blazing new territories for ska.
— SkaBones,

In the end, no one was ready...

We had spent so much time planning for it. So many hours spent prepping for doomsday; arming ourselves to protect our loved ones. We held so strong for so long, but our species grew too great, too quickly. There was nothing we could do to stop the collapse. We were broken from the inside. In the end, no one was ready. Plugged into technology but disconnected from each other, it is a surprise the fall did not come sooner. They took everything from you, and you let them do it. And now everyone is gone, and you stand alone in this foreign and dead new world. Fear not, new citizen. The People Corrupting People are here to herd the masses and give volume to their meager voices. The time has come to shake things up, and we will do that the only way we know how. Through the universal and irreplaceable power of music we, the People Corrupting People, will save this flock of abandoned sheep...

We, the People Corrupting People, In order to scorn a more perfect union, Demolish justice, Insure domestic futility, Divide with the common defense, Promote the general Warfare, And secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and ourselves only, Do ordain and establish this Constitution For the New United States of America.